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REFORM International Conference on River and Stream Restoration

January 22, 2015

River Tagliamento in Italy. Image: REFORM

REFORM, a European Union FP7 project which has worked to develop strategies for restoring damaged river ecosystems is holding its final project conference in the Netherlands in the summer.

The conference, titled “Novel Approaches to Assess and Rehabilitate Modified Rivers”, will be held at Wageningen in central Netherlands between 30th June and 2nd July at the Hof van Wageningen.

The conference organisers from the REFORM project describe that “The purpose of the conference is to enlarge awareness of the need and appreciation for the benefits of river rehabilitation. It will serve as a platform to present and discuss aspirations, challenges, analytical frameworks and novel approaches to improve our understanding of the causes and consequences of hydromorphological degradation and to enhance river rehabilitation.”

Bringing together over 200 participants from a range of backgrounds, the conference will host sessions on: understanding the impacts of hydromorphological modification and other stressors; achievements by river restoration projects; the effectiveness and costs of river restoration; the wider benefits of river restoration to society, flood protection, agriculture and hydropower; and how to link restoration science to policy, through a set of tools to assess river status and guide rehabilitation.

Registration opens on the 23rd January, whilst the deadlines for submission are 31st January (abstracts) and 20th March (full papers).

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