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Rivers on the Edge

April 18, 2011

Rivers on the Edge is a WWF initiative emphasising the need for sustainable water use in our homes, schools and businesses in order to better conserve and restore our river ecosystems.  Initially focussed on three chalk stream rivers in southern England, its central message is that:

“We must waste less water if we are to save our precious freshwater environment and make sure it is resilient to the impacts of climate change. But how? Rivers on the Edge aims to help thousands of homes, schools and businesses cut water use, saving millions of litres of water for our rivers. We call on Government and regulators in England and Wales to meet the targets below in the next two years to ensure that we stop using water wastefully; that abstraction does not unacceptably damage our rivers now and in the future; that we adapt to the potential impacts of climate change; and that we protect the future security of our water supplies.

Read the full report here and let us know your thoughts.  Can you suggest any projects globally that take a similar approach to freshwater conservation?

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