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What the CBD Biodiversity Scenarios Report says about Freshwater

July 2, 2010

Published in May, the 134-page CBD technical report “Biodiversity Scenarios: projections of 21st century change in biodiversity and associated ecosystem services” focuses on longer term projected estimates of biodiversity change .

I was interested to see how freshwater issues are discussed in this report, so I ran it through the ManyEyes Word-tree tool which visualises the context in which the word ‘freshwater; is used. Here is the result

71fe98c8-85cc-11df-8dfb-000255111976 Blog_this_caption

If you would like to explore this word tree interactively click here

For me this confirms the strong associations between freshwater, ecosystems, services and biodiversity in international policy.

Paul Jepson

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  1. Aaike De Wever permalink
    July 2, 2010 20:18

    This seems really interesting, but I wonder if you can see more of the context. Quite often I was wondering how the sentence started; e.g. …freshwater biodiversity are limited compared to terrestrial and marine biodiversity. Did I miss something in this tool or should I search the original document to find out?

  2. July 5, 2010 08:41

    Good point, Aaike! These tools only offer a useful ‘quick look’ or ‘first cut’ to prompt futher questions. As you suggest you would need to copy the string into a document ‘find’ tool to find out how it starts or the broader context in which the word is used. Paul

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