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Workshop on Water and Biodiversity – Brussels

July 8, 2010

I participated in a Workshop on Water and Biodiversity on the 17-18 June 2010 in Brussels, hosted by the Northrhine-Westfalia Representation (link to the case-studies document). The workshop was jointly organized by DG Environment Water and Nature Units with support from a number of Member States and with participation of the Member States experts from water and nature protection, stakeholders, NGOs and some elements of the scientific community.

The Workshop focused on the links between the EU Nature and Water legislation but it has also set the wider scene for the discussion on biodiversity and water. This discussion took place at this a crucial moment, when the EU Member States failure to meet biodiversity targets triggered the EU policy makers to discuss policy options for a new strategy.

The better integration of sectoral policies, restoration of ecosystem functions and better spatial planning based on sound data and scientific knowledge of how biodiversity links to socio-economic pressures and climate change are key aspects for success of novel biodiversity targets.

BioFresh, J. Freyhof from IGB delivered a short presentation on the Project goals with emphasis on the freshwater biodiversity platform connecting global and regional data bases. He encouraged the participants to share their data on biodiversity and thus to contribute to the EU capability to answer practical and scientific questions for conservation of biodiversity.

In his closing address G. Borchardt, Director DGENV D Water, Chemical and Biotechnology, highlighted the role of BioFresh in contribution to biodiversity conservation.

Ana Cristina Cardoso

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