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Follow the Water Lives science-policy symposium on live video stream

January 28, 2014

Join the first day (29 Jan) of the land mark Water Lives science-policy symposium by live video stream.

Scientists from the BioFresh and ReFresh projects will be discussing with EC and other policy makers new scientific horizons from freshwater biodiversity and water policy.

The video streams will be live at 10.30 am CET for scene setting key-notes by Prof Klement Tockner Head of the Leibniz- Institute of Freshwater ecology, Birgit de Boissezon from DG RTD at the European Commission, Prof Brian Moss from the University of Liverpool and Hans Bruyninck from the European Environment Agency.

The video stream will take a lunch break 1-2pm CET, and then be open for the session on Future Visions for Freshwater Ecosystems comprising six presentations by leading freshwater scientists and conservationists from across Europe. See the symposium web-site for full details and links to the live stream.

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  1. January 30, 2014 08:05

    Hi Biofreshlers,

    I like to thank you for the opportunity to follow day 1 of the symposium via videostream!! As a former Biofrehsler I was interested and tried to attend, but could unfortunately not participate after all.
    I enjoyed the presentations and discussions on the screen instead! 🙂

    I have a comment to the note of Brian Moss according the publishing process nowadays. It is true and I fully agree that also publishing scientific papers has become ‘greedy’ in the sense that there is a high competition and it is often only the quantity counting and not the quality. The more paper on the publication list – the best? I do not think so!
    However, as an associated editor for a qualitative journal I do my very best to edit papers before acceptance/publishing to maintain or even enhance the scientific quality of ‘my’ journal, but as we all know, editors and also reviewers do all the work in their spare time, unpaid and there is not always the will to put as much effort into that work as needed, which is also due to the high amount of submissions these days.
    Sonja Stendera

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