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Final preparations for this week’s Water Lives science-policy symposiun

January 28, 2014

Biofresh scientisits and our colleagues at Refresh are finalizing presentations and arrangements for the land mark symposium on scientific horizons for biodiversity and water policy, which will be held in Brussels on Wednesday and Thursday this weeks.

The symposium represents a cullmination of these two major EU research investments that are designed to address some of the challenges in implementing EU policies designed to protect freshwater ecosystems and to ensure their sustainable use. A particular focus will be the EU 2020 Biodiversity Strategy and the Water Framework Directive.

The symposium will bring together policy makers and stakeholders from the water, energy and conservation sector, NGOs, the scientific community and selected experts. The aim is to generate recommendations for policy making and future research. More generally the hope is that this symposium will raise the profile of freshwater biodiversity among EC policy-makers.

Please check out the symposium web-page for details of the topcis we will be discussing. If you can’t make the symposium why not follow our live feed on the first day and follow us on twitter (@biofreshproject) and check this blog for news and updates. In addition we will be producing a podcast of symposium highlights for later listening.

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