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MARS final conference: Managing multiple stress for multiple benefits in aquatic ecosystems

January 5, 2018

Museum of Natural Sciences, Brussels. Image: IRSNB – Thierry Hubin

Over the last four years, the MARS project has investigated the impacts and interactions of multiple stressors in European aquatic ecosystems. Funded under the EU FP7 programme, research within MARS has addressed uncertainties over how to detect, conceptualise and manage multiple stressors in surface waters. MARS was designed to support the implementation and review of the EU Water Framework.

This month MARS will host a conference ‘Managing multiple stress for multiple benefits in aquatic ecosystems’ in Brussels, Belgium to communicate the key results and recommendations from the project. Taking place over two days on 16-17 January, the conference will be have two themes – science, and management/policy.

Conference events on Tuesday 16th will focus on scientific findings, and feature sessions which summarise and review the main MARS outcomes within the context of aquatic multi-stressor research.

On Wednesday, 17th, discussions will turn to the management and policy implications of MARS research. Conference sessions will introduce MARS products for managers and policy makers (such as factsheets, guidance and tools) and discuss effective river basin management and policy under multi-stress conditions.

Hosted by the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels, the conference is likely to be of interest to aquatic scientists, water managers and administrators, as well as policy-makers and executives. Conference registration is free.

A conference agenda with full details of speakers and sessions is available as a PDF here.

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