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The Freshwater Information System is launched

October 5, 2017

fis screenToday the Freshwater Information System (or FIS) is officially launched. The FIS provides an invaluable resource for water managers and environmental policy makers across Europe, hosting information on freshwater multiple stressors and pressures, future scenarios, models and management options.

Resources on the Freshwater Information System have been generated through research in the EU MARS project over the last 3 years. Part of the Freshwater Information Platform, the FIS provides an accessible introductory gateway to the complex topic of multiple stressor interactions and impacts on freshwater ecosystems.

The FIS factsheets, case studies and model selection tool provide up-to-date research to help water managers and policy makers effectively implement the EU Water Framework Directive.


The Drivers-Pressures-States-Impacts-Responses model (DPSIR) used to structure the factsheets.

Users can browse concise and engaging factsheets on the drivers of freshwater pressures and their impacts along with options for management and mitigation. Additional factsheets outline the relationships between freshwater pressures and ecosystem services. Finally, a range of ‘storylines’ for future potential environmental scenarios are detailed under different forecasts for single and multiple stressors.

Thirteen European case studies on the impact of multiple stressors in river basins under present conditions and future scenarios. The case studies – drawn from MARS research – provide a valuable overview of multiple stressor impacts in diverse environments across the continent. Finally, a model selection tool presents twenty-one widely applied models for river basin management planning.

fis case studies map

The thirteen river basin case studies across Europe.

In January 2018, guidelines supporting the 3rd cycle of river basin management planning for the Water Framework Directive will be available and accessible on the Freshwater Information System.

The Freshwater Information System was developed by Deltares in the Netherlands, in co-operation with the University of Duisburg-Essen, Dept of Aquatic Ecology in Germany. The information is based on contributions from the entire MARS consortium.

Explore the Freshwater Information System here.

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