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River restoration in action: a chalkstream in Southern England

September 2, 2016

River restoration is an important strategy used to reduce the impact of multiple stresses on freshwater ecosystems.  However, its not always possible to see the restoration process in action.

A recent film made by the UK-based Five Rivers environmental consultants documents the restoration of Ford Mill, a chalkstream in Southern England, providing a fascinating insight into approaches for river restoration.

The short film shows the removal of barriers to fish movement, the creation of fish passes and the re-meandering of historically straightened channels.  Returning to the stream one year on, biodiversity is flourishing in a range of newly (re)created habitats.

Read more about Five Rivers restoration projects here.

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  1. Vít Rous permalink
    September 3, 2016 08:12

    Reblogged this on Grania and commented:
    Další krásné a inspirativní video o revitalizaci potoka, které nepotřebuje žádný další komentář

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