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By the River animation

July 6, 2016

One of the joys of sitting by a river or lake is the opportunity to see (and hear) diverse and beautiful birdlife in and around the water.

Freshwaters across the world provide a range of habitats for birds, in wetlands, floodplains and meadows, riparian vegetation and on islands.  Some of Europe’s most charismatic birds rely on freshwaters: the booming bittern hidden amongst reedbeds, or the bobbing dipper, flitting between stones on the river bed.

A new animation by British artist Will Rose is designed to help beginners identify five species of birds commonly found along the riverbank.  ‘By the River’ gives a short and colourful introduction to the blackbird, kingfisher, swallow, swift and goldfinch.

We see and hear a blackbird singing on a riverside tree, a kingfisher diving for fish, swallows and swifts whirling above the water’s surface feeding on insects, and goldfinches perched on teasels in riparian reedbeds.

By the River gives a brief and engaging window onto riverside life, which may well inspire new generations of freshwater explorers…

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