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An introduction to freshwater multiple stressors and the MARS Project (now with subtitles!)

June 2, 2016

Last year, the EU MARS project produced a short video explaining the growing problem of freshwater multiple stressors.

Multiple stressors describe the combinations of environmental impacts like pollution, floods and drought that place stress on the health of an ecosystem.  The interactions and impacts of multiple stressors can be extremely complex, and often unpredictable.

Featuring footage from freshwaters across Europe, and expert interviews with MARS scientists Anne Lyche Solheim and Steve Ormerod, and Anders Iversen from the Norwegian Environment Agency, the film provides an introduction to the problem of multiple stressors, and how they are being addressed in European science and policy.

The film has recently been subtitled, meaning that the narration text can be followed without the need for sound.  You can watch the video above, and turn on subtitles using the ‘CC’ button in the bottom bar.

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