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Freshwater life under the microscope

March 28, 2016

Is there life in a drop of water?  Using microscopes, freshwater scientists can help us see the often curious and beautiful array of microscopic life that lives – largely unnoticed – in almost every drop of water on Earth.

MARS scientists Steve Thackeray from the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology has created a new film collecting microscopic footage of the organisms collected in sampling in lakes across the North of England.

The film ‘Freshwater Wildlife Under the Microscope‘ reveals an array of organisms with fascinating forms and patterns.  Short descriptions for each organism allow us to get to grips with the important roles they play in our freshwater ecosystems.

Accompanied by a minimal, ambient soundtrack, the film is an excellent introduction to the curious freshwater organisms that support our rivers and lakes, but are usually invisible to the naked eye.

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