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‘Water Lives…’ at the UK Green Film Festival

April 27, 2015

‘Water Lives…’, the freshwater science communication animation produced for the EU BioFresh project in 2012 has been selected for this year’s UK Green Film Festival and will be screened before the feature film H2OMX at cinemas across the UK between 3-10th May.  Details of screenings can be found here.

‘Water Lives…’ was designed to draw attention to the important (yet largely invisible) life that underpins and sustains our freshwater ecosystems.  The project brought artists and EU scientists together to collaborate and communicate the concept that freshwater is more than an inert resource: instead a living, dynamic system inhabited by beautiful, important organisms largely unseen by the naked eye. It was animated by Adam Proctor, with a soundtrack by Tommy Perman and haiku by John Barlow.

‘Water Lives…’ was produced by Rob St. John and Paul Jepson at the School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford as part of an interdisciplinary art-science project in collaboration with BioFresh scientists Rick Battarbee from University College London and Ana Filipa Filipe from the University of Barcelona alongside Alistair Seddon from the University of Oxford Zoology department.

More information on the University of Oxford School of Geography and the Environment website

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