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BioFresh Christmas newsletter

December 23, 2013

BioFresh’s latest newsletter is out just in time for Christmas. You will find a range of topics and news covered in the newsletter from BioFresh’s new look to featured science .

It’s been a busy few months for the BioFresh team. As we head into our final stage of funding, we’ve had a makeover, held and participated in workshops on endangered species and key biodiversity areas; had our latest scientific research published in respected journals; and done work on freshwater biodiversity science-policy interfaces, including planning an exciting joint science policy symposium for freshwater life.

Although the BioFresh Project is coming to a close in 2014, much of BioFresh’s work will be carried forward. Klement Tocker, the head of BioFresh, explains that there are “strong commitments by several partners to continue the development of the project’s core  elements such as the portal, the meta database, the atlas,  and the blog.” “I am convinced that BioFresh will serve as a nucleus in forming a global freshwater biodiversity network,” he said.

In this issue of the newsletter, you will find the following topics:

  • Introduction
  • BioFresh’s new look
  • European database of caddis-flies
  • BioFresh at the IUCN Red List workshop
  • BioFresh Key Biodiversity Areas workshop in Morocco
  • BioFresh workshop on multiple stressors
  • BioFresh in Freshwater Biology
  • BioFresh in Molecular Ecology
  • BioFresh in Applied Ecology
  • BioFresh and Science-Policy Interfaces
  • The BioFresh Blog
  • BioFresh REFRESH Symposium

The ongoing work of freshwater scientists and projects such as BioFresh is vital at time where future challenges, such as the construction of large-scale dams and canals, draining of wetlands, and climate change, are enormous. As Tockner says, “water is more than just a precious resource for human consumption; it is one of the most diverse, complex and dynamic ecosystems globally.”

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