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Does ecosystem services need a radical critique? In conversation with Prof Veronica Strang

August 8, 2013

After Veronica Strang presented her insights on bioethics developed through ‘thinking with water’ (see last post), I discussed with her the relevance of her thinking to policy and on-going discussions on the ecosystem services framework.

Several of Veronica’s points have stuck with me. One was her comment that we see ourselves as rational beings, yet in Ecosystem Services we are adopting a policy frame that places humans outside systems and this seems irrational! A second was her reflection that ‘if you reframe cultural meaning as an ecosystem service it is sort of missing the point of culture!”

I am sure you will find this video conversation with Veronica thought provoking and challenging. It reinforces my view that the ecosystem services policy frame would benefit from a radical and multi-disciplinary academic critique. Please share you thoughts and reflections on the issues raised with other readers of this blog via the comments box.

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