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World Biodiversity Day 2013 opportunity to raise awareness of freshwater biodiversity

May 16, 2013

Water and biodiversity is the theme for the International Day for Biological Diversity and provides an opportunity to raise awareness about the crucial role that water plays in sustaining life on Earth, as well the highlighting the abundance of life found within freshwaters.


It’s a big year for water! The theme of this year’s international day of biodiversity (or world biodiversity day) is ‘water and biodiversity’, which has been chosen to coincide with the designation of 2013 as the International Year of Water Co-operation. The date of the international day of biodiversity (22 May) marks the adoption of the Convention on Biological Diversity. 2005-2015 is also the UN decade of ‘Water for Life’. See here for some key messages.

World biodiversity day provides a key opportunity for the freshwater biodiversity community to raise the profile of freshwater biodiversity and highlight both the importance of it and the threats it faces. Please get involved and help us raise awareness of the vital role that freshwater biodiversity plays in our lives and the world around us.

We encourage you to take to twitter and other social media to create some buzz around the issue. You can follow us on twitter: @biofreshproject. Below are some example tweets that you can tweet yourself or use for inspiration. We would also like to encourage the freshwater scientists among us to tweet key findings from any relevant papers you’ve written. And don’t forget to hashtag your tweets (e.g. #water #biodiversity #BiodiversityDay)

Example tweets:

Did you know: #freshwater covers just 1% of Earth’s surface, but harbours 10% of all animals! #water #biodiversity #BiodiversityDay

#Water is not only a vital resource, but a medium for life – 35% of all invertebrates found in #freshwater! #biodiversity #BiodiversityDay

Should awe and wonder be taken seriously as an #ecosystem service? #water #biodiversity #BiodiversityDay

Millions of people around the world depend on freshwater ecosystems & the #biodiversity in them for their livelihood #water #BiodiversityDay

A shared knowledge base on #biodiversity needed for effective policy & conservation of freshwater ecosystems #water #BiodiversityDay

#Water is life: it underpins human well-being, as well ecosystem health & #biodiversity #BiodiversityDay

Freshwater #ecosystems & #biodiversity play crucial role for #water #security by regulating availability & quality of water #BiodiversityDay

Freshwater #ecosystems are natural #water infrastructure that can serve same purpose as dams or treatment plants #BiodiversityDay

Without #ecosystems, the #water cycle, & dependent carbon & nutrient cycles, would be significantly altered #biodiversity #BiodiversityDay

Conserving #wetlands can help regulate #water but can also support significant fisheries #biodiversity #BiodiversityDay

… or why not tweet one of John Barlow’s beautiful Haiku’s from our art-science animation Water Lives


the slow song

of a dipper

#Haiku by John Barlow ‘ Water Lives”  International #Water #BiodiversityDay

one cell

anchored in time

winter stillness

#Haiku by John Barlow ‘ Water Lives”  International #Water #BiodiversityDay

ripple light

catkins colour

the leafless alders

#Haiku by John Barlow ‘ Water Lives”  International #Water #BiodiversityDay

hazy day moon

all of the star shapes

awakened in the lake

#Haiku by John Barlow ‘ Water Lives”  International #Water #BiodiversityDay

between glides

the water striders

pockmarking sky

#Haiku by John Barlow ‘ Water Lives”  International #Water #BiodiversityDay

past a ghost of a water flea the fisherman’s cast

#Haiku by John Barlow ‘ Water Lives”  International #Water #BiodiversityDay


in the water column

rafts of diatoms

#Haiku by John Barlow ‘ Water Lives”  International #Water #BiodiversityDay

back and forth a dragonfly hawks the fading light

#Haiku by John Barlow ‘ Water Lives”  International #Water #BiodiversityDay


the snail’s tentacles

at full stretch

#Haiku by John Barlow ‘ Water Lives”  International #Water #BiodiversityDay

late autumn

from every brown stem

the stalks of diatoms

#Haiku by John Barlow ‘ Water Lives”  International #Water #BiodiversityDay

early dusk

one fish in a shoal of fish

ripples the surface

#Haiku by John Barlow ‘ Water Lives”  International #Water #BiodiversityDay

into the stillness

of the winter depths

all the spent lives

#Haiku by John Barlow ‘ Water Lives”  International #Water #BiodiversityDay

adding their stories

to centuries of stories

the silicate tests

#Haiku by John Barlow ‘ Water Lives”  International #Water #BiodiversityDay

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  1. Mike Maehr permalink
    May 16, 2013 22:07

    Reblogged this on Bibliotaxa.

  2. May 19, 2013 21:27

    On International Day for Water and Biodiversity we should lobby for restoration of regulations to conserve freshwater habitats in Canada. The present federal government has weakened regulations, including allowing mining companies to use pristine lakes for dumping their toxic wastes, rather than building more expensive containment devices. A recent example is the destruction of Sandy Pond in Newfoundland (, where an isolated post-glacial lake, with a unique large race of brook trout, is to be used by a mining company (Vale) for their mining wastes. A ‘compensation’ plan of removing a partial barrier on a lake in another system is totally inadequate , and mainly a public relations strategy, and cannot compensate for the loss of a priceless unique ecosystem. If regulations are not changed, other pristine systems in Canada will be lost.

  3. Kathryn Papp permalink
    May 22, 2013 16:24

    I do a lot of work in biodiversity crossing over a number of websites and orgs – NEVER HEARD OF THIS DAY.



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