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BioFresh newsletter out now

April 8, 2013

BioFresh’s latest newsletter has been published ahead the annual BioFresh meeting in one week’s time. The newsletter features the latest scientific papers that the BioFresh team have published and the work BioFresh is doing to link science with policy.

BioFresh logo

As BioFresh enters its final project phase it is important to remember the major goals of the BioFresh project. BioFresh aims to improve the capacity to protect and manage freshwater biodiversity by building an information platform, do scientific analyses, increase the awareness for freshwater biodiversity and support the European Union and other bodies’ environmental policies with our knowledge and results. Since the beginning of the project, BioFresh have made important progress in building the platform and doing science.

As an example of this work, in the last few months BioFresh papers have appeared in leading journals including in the fields of biology and ecology. An overview of each of these are included in the newsletter, which are listed below: BioFresh newsletter logo

  • BioFresh in Hydrobiologia
  • BioFresh in Ecological Indicators
  • BioFresh in PLoS One
  • BioFresh in Global Change Biology
  • BioFresh in Systematic Biology
  • BioFresh in Science

In addition to the many BioFresh papers that have been published over the last few months, the newsletter also covers some of the BioFresh work on linking science with policy. For example, the BioFresh newsletter highlights work by members of the BioFresh team and partners on freshwater Key Biodiversity Areas (KBA) and the BioFresh Global Freshwater Biodiversity Atlas.

And last, but by no mean least, the newsletter discusses the annual BioFresh meeting, which will be held in Leipzig, Germany in one week’s time. The meeting will run from 15-19 of April and will. Make sure to stay tuned for a more detailed introduction to the meeting in the coming few days, as well as regular updates during the meeting itself.

Click here for a copy of the BioFresh newsletter.

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