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The BioFresh Booth: representing freshwater biodiversity at Jeju

September 5, 2012

Thousands of people and hundreds of NGO’s will be taking part in the biggest conservation event in the world this week. With the start of the IUCN World Conservation Congress just a day away, this post gives an overview of what BioFresh will be doing during the congress.

The IUCN Congress in Jeju, South Korea provides a great platform to get freshwater biodiversity issues on the agenda. BioFresh will be represented at the congress by Aaike de Wever, who will be running the BioFresh Booth and mingling with whoever is lucky enough to cross his path.

At the BioFresh Booth we will be presenting several posters about freshwater biodiversity issues, the BioFresh project and the work on freshwater biodiversity data that we’ve been undertaking. Our first aim here is to raise the policy profile of freshwater biodiversity issues and the BioFresh project. We’ll also be highlighting the need to make (freshwater) biodiversity data openly available and talk about the data infrastructure that we’re building. Take a look at one of the posters that we will be showcasing at Jeju (see below).

BioFresh data poster as presented at the 2012 IUCN World Conservation Congress

Another of our aims during the congress is to create an open dialogue with freshwater and biodiversity managers, practitioners, policy-makers and scientists about the conservation of freshwater ecosystems and the need for a freshwater biodiversity portal. We would also encourage any feedback, suggestions, comments, questions and any other queries about what we are doing in Jeju as this is also part of the open dialogue that we are trying to create.

In addition to the BioFresh Booth, we will be participating in a knowledge cafe to discuss the establishment of a Global Wetlands Observing System (GWOS) – a network and portal for organising information on wetlands and their wise use. Part of the Ramsar strategic plan, this exciting development aims to provide a knowledge-base for monitoring and protection of wetlands worldwide. The GWOS would allow for data and information on the location of wetlands, their level of biodiversity, and the services they provide to people to be openly accessible to anyone interested around the world.

We’ll also be providing updates and summaries of key developments for freshwater biodiversity during the congress here and on twitter, so keep and eye out for these. If you’re at the congress and want to drop in, say hi, and chat about freshwater, the BioFresh Booth can be found at the exhibition (booth 149) in the Ieodo Plaza in the International Convention Centre. Otherwise stay tuned for more updates about the progress of the congress!

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