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A look into the world of the secretive fire salamander

August 31, 2012

The newest entry in the BioFresh Cabinet of Curiosities explores the life of the fire salamander. With explanations about its stealthy feeding habits, its saucy sex life, and the mysterious origins of its name, the fire salamander is sure to intrigue and excite.

Fire Salamander. Photo courtesy of Didier Descouens.

The fascinating fire salamander can be spotted on a gentle stroll through the mountain forests and woodlands of Europe or, alternatively, at a zoo. These beautifully coloured creatures also have some very interesting habits.

Have you ever wondered about a fire salamander’s sex life? Me neither, but you’re in for a treat as all the sticky details are laid bare.

What’s on the menu at Cafe Salamander? Well, these small and slow salamanders aren’t known for their speed, so they stealthy go in search of unsuspecting creepy crawlies to munch on. Take a look at a salamander hunt in action!

And how did this creature, which begins its life in the water, become known as the fire salamander? It was originally thought that the answer to this question had been lost centuries ago after a fire destroyed the only known scrolls containing the etymological source of this allusive amphibian*, but the BioFresh blog can today exclusively reveal the reasons behind this centuries long paradox.

So check it out for yourself and be amazed!

*Note: this claim is factually inaccurate.

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