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Special Feature: Amphibians

August 2, 2012

If you are hiking in the Alps this summer and it rains, be sure to look out for the Alpine Salamander. Image: Thomas Huntke, Germany, Wikimedia Commons

The worrying declines in amphibian species globally have been widely reported in the popular and scientific media.  As well as the ethical dimension of extinctions, the declines may have significant implications for ecosystems functioning and services and conservation planning.  In this special feature we present a round-up of some recent amphibian science, policy and conservation action. Over the next few weeks we will run a series of posts on the topics below. We recognize these represent only part of the amphibian issue and so would welcome guest posts or suggestions for other topics that we should cover.

Latest research underlines the impact of three major threats to all Amphibian species

Raiders of the lost Frogs : an up-date on the CI/IUCN ‘Search for the lost frogs’ campaign

Amphibian trade and the spread of the amphibian fungal disease

Cabinet of Curiosities Entry: European Salamander

Amphibians at the IUCN Congress: an interview with the Amphibian Survival Alliance (part 1)

The future of amphibian conservation: an interview with the Amphibian Survival Alliance (part 2)

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