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“What is Water?” TED and WWF on a ‘solvable crisis’

February 29, 2012

The above video, a TED presentation by Stuart Orr, Manager of Global Freshwater Programme at WWF, touches on one of the key questions we often ask within the communication team at BioFresh: what is water and how should we manage it?

The question appears to be self-evident: water is a fluid made up of molecules of bonded hydrogen and oxygen as H2O (plus all sorts of other chemical and biological molecules…).  But is water simply a resource for humans to channel, dam, filter and bottle as a resource?  As we wrote in a recent article for Public Service Review, it seems that the value of water as a hybrid, fluid medium for life is often forgotten when we think about how to value and manage our freshwater ecosystems.

Stuart Orr presents a series of interesting suggestions for how we might sustainably manage our freshwater ecosystems – pointing towards stronger policy and more co-operative, integrative management.  This is a topic we’ll be revisiting over coming months, and we’d value hearing your thoughts.

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