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Seasons Greetings! A Christmas Card Puzzle….

December 15, 2011

Image: Pilot Visualisation of an Environmental Network, by T. Turnbull, Oxford, Dec 2011.

It’s that time of year again…time for a Christmas card…

The communication and dissemination work (including this blog!) within BioFresh is run by members of the Conservation Governance Lab at The University of Oxford.  The Conservation Governance Lab have released a fun seasonal puzzle in the shape of a novel Christmas card.  The image above is not – as you may have thought – a Christmas tree or snowflake (although squint and it may well look a little like it…).  Instead it shows an interesting environment-related issue which you’re encouraged to guess.  Clues are being released through the Lab twitter account:  @ConsGovOx.

As the Lab state:

“Step changes in digital technologies are generating vast amounts of environmental data. Capturing and experimenting with ways to analyse this data is creating a new data-driven science that may reveal novel and important insights for conservation governance.”

What environmental network is visualised?

To enter the Christmas Competition: tweet your answer to @ConsGovOx and follow the account for clues.

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