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Cabinet of Freshwater Curiosities

November 24, 2010

Image: Robert Haas/National Geographic/Caters News Agency

This photo of Carribean flamingos flocking in the shape of a flamingo (!) in the Yucatan, Mexico in yesterday’s Guardian seems an apt way to introduce the relaunched BioFresh Cabinet of Freshwater Curiosities.

The Cabinet of Freshwater Curiosities is a modern adaptation of the Cabinet of Curiosities concept, intended to foster interest into the often neglected world of freshwater ecosystems. The Cabinet collects and collates a selection of the world’s most fascinating, bizarre and unique freshwater plants, animals and phenomena (much like the flamingos above!). It provides an interactive platform for users to engage with some little-known oddities and become further immersed in the curious world of freshwater ecosystems.

The site is highly interactive and linked to various social media platforms to encourage users to submit ratings, comments and suggestions for future “curiosities”.

Feel free to explore the Cabinet here, and let us know your thoughts.

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